Cold Showers

I Took A Freezing-Cold Shower Every Morning For A Month & This Is What Happened - Refinery29 UK

Around 7-8 years ago I used to have a cold shower, nearly every morning for about 2 years, and I felt great during that time - possibly the healthiest and most energetic I can remember being. I think it was something I picked up from a Tim Ferris book and decided to try. My shower method was slightly different than the one given in the article:

  • start the shower as normal (hot), and step in
  • while lathering up, stop the shower
  • once lathered, switch the shower to cold, turn it back on, and rinse.

This method doesn’t work in my current home as the shower works very differently and doesn’t offer the same level of control. I guess I could suck it up and just start with cold?

In fact, that’s one to try tomorrow 🥶

Chris McLeod @MrKapowski